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Return Policy


We do not offer returns or exchanges on plants or any live goods.

Once plant materials leave our property we do not have the ability to guarantee that the weather, plant predators, airborne plant diseases, the soil and location it is planted in, or the care it receives will ensure that the plants selected will thrive or survive.  It is up to the individual gardener to pay attention to their plant’s needs and problems as they arise.

What we can do is supply you with a healthy plant that has received our tender-loving-care, is correctly identified as far as its variety, instructions for care and planting of the specific plant, and supplies to help each plant do its best in its new home.  Once a plant leaves our grounds we can take no responsibility for the health and lifespan of the plant.

Plant(s) that are taken home by our customers hold a huge and wonderful potential to bring life, beauty, and inspiration to not only the landscape but to the gardener as well and will only come into their full glory if properly cared for.

General Merchandise

Includes Garden Supplies, Gifts & Home Decor

May be returned or exchanged within 60 days of purchase with RECEIPT.

Close Out Merchandise

Clearance, closed out items and items reduced 40% or greater

All sales are final. No returns or exchanges.

Gift Certificates

Purchases made with a Gift Certificate may be exchanged or given store credit.

Restocking Fee

Merchandise returns may be subject to a 10% restocking fee.