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Bagged Products

Bagged Garden Products

Bagged Bark

We carry various types of bagged bark in many different sizes.

Bark Mulch is a natural and beautiful way to add a bit of detail & a finished-look to a landscape. There are many other benefits from mulching beyond looking good. These include keeping the soil moist near the surface, helping to prevent soil erosion, reducing soil compaction, and it also helps to discourage weed growth. The chips will also improve the soil quality over time as they decompose.

We will usually have Western Bark & Cedar Chips & a few various other bagged bark varieties in stock but keep in mind that as the season progresses the selection wanes.

Compost, Mulch & Maure

Composting & mulching your garden is definitely a good habit to get into. Using it when you first start a garden and continuing to use it as your happy healthy plants use up what you’ve given them is always a good idea. Just don’t over-do it as that can also cause some serious problems – if you do your research and follow a plan you can’t go wrong.

Here at Greenhurst we will usually have on-hand Chicken & Poultry Manure, Mushroom Compost, Soil Pep, Cocoa Shells, & Blackforest Organic Compost.

These items are similar to other seasonal items in that we bring in a large load in the spring but we try to keep a good stock available at the times of the year when planting and starting is popular.

Potting Soil & Planting Mix

We carry all kinds of potting mixes and soils.

You can typically find potting mixes for African Violets, Acid-loving plants, Bonsai, Cactus, Orchids, Roses, & Seed Starting mixes. We also carry various general-purpose potting soils in different sizes to fit your needs.

You can also find Soil Conditioners here – these are added to your existing soil to improve your plant’s health and growth.

Rock & Sand

If you need a small amount of rock and sand but don’t want to go to the nearest gravel/sand pit you should take a look at our selection here at the Nursery.

We carry a diverse selection of bagged rocks that are perfect for smaller detail jobs. You can usually find White Marble Chips, Pea Gravel, Black Lava Rock, Red Lava Rock, Pumice, Clay Shards, Vermiculite, and other rocks used for drainage in pots or decorative rocks to add a little pizazz to your plantings.

We also carry a small selection of bagged sand.