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Water Supplies

Water SuppliesWatering Supplies

All things water-hardware related can be found in our Garden Gear area.

You can find Hoses of many different lengths, colors, and specialties. Some even come attached with nozzles. There are oscillating, spike, turbine rotor, and turret Sprinklers of all sorts. Get your hands on a Timer or two and take the pressure off of yourself and put in back in the water.

If you are looking for a stress-free way of hand-watering your favorite plants try one of the many Watering Wands we carry. All of our Nurserymen use Watering Wands and can testify to how they enjoy the different styles of wands, how long they can last, and what their preferences are. If you are looking to simplify things you might consider trying out a classic Watering Can.

Looking for a hands-off approach? Try a Plant Nanny or one of our many other useful, yet beautiful, Water Reservoirs.