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Candles & Accessories


We are proud to be able to offer our wonderful customers top of the line candles. Our candles change depending on the time of year and are switched out according to the different seasons’ colors and scents.

We offer a very diverse selection of candles. You can find candles made of Soy, Raw Beeswax, Beeswax-Enriched, Paraffin, and more…  You can find candles made out of these various products in many different colors and sizes like short, wide, and tall tapers, votives, pillars, drip-free, virtually smokeless, scented, unscented, and more… We also have candles that are already conveniently molded into very attractive containers.

Most of the candles we have are hand crafted, hand rolled, or family made with the amazing quality and purity that only candles made with love can contain. Many are also made right here in the USA.

Candle HolderCandle Holders

Your candles will need a home and we’ve got the selection for you.

Our candles holders vary nearly in as many ways as do the candles themselves.  You can find all sizes of candle wall sconces, tealight holders, holders that are flocked, colored & clear glass holders for both tapers & votives, candle disks (plates), tall brass taper holders, brass followers, pedestals, and many many more…

Our holders are both elegant and functional and will bring a room to life with the beauty & romance of candle light.


Sometimes a candle is not a candle unless you’ve got the proper accessories.

We have gorgeous Flame Snuffers that work with grace.  Never again put out a candle flame with your fingers and risk a burn and never again worry about blowing out your candles and watching as they send up a wisp of smoke towards your smoke detector. If your candles get a bit rambunctious we also have Wax Spot Remover.

Be sure to also check out our Electric Candle Jar Melters/Warmers for those that love the scented candles but don’t want to (or can’t) burn them.  Along those same lines we also carry a deliciously huge selection of Scent Diffusions and testers in store for you to peruse.