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Clocks (indoor & outdoor)

Indoor ClocksIndoor Clocks

Throughout our Gift Shop you will find clocks of many colors, sizes, styles, shapes and mounting styles.

If you are looking for a clock to make a big statement we have the selection for you. We have clocks measuring all the way up to 31 inches and down to your more standard sizes. You can find wall-hanging clocks, clocks with pendulums, a few standing clocks, and more…

Our indoor-only clocks will often have open faces and are therefore unsuitable for outdoor use. If you are looking for a clock that can do double-duty please take a look at our indoor-outdoor clocks below.

Indoor/Outdoor Clocks

If you need a clock with options you might check out our selection of Indoor/Outdoor clocks. All of these types of clocks can be used either indoors or outdoors depending on your mood or time of the year.


Thermometers, Hydrometers, and Weather Stations… Oh My!

Many of our clocks include thermometers and hydrometers. Our Weather Stations include clocks. Clocks seem to be involved in many different areas these days.

We also have single purpose, thermometers, hydrometers, and rain gauges for those that don’t want or need a time-piece to take center-stage. These come in many different styles from dials, meters, electronic, mechanical, to wall mounted and free standing. Our thermometers measure Fahrenheit as well as Centigrade.

With all of the different options surrounding Clocks and Gauges you are sure to find something that is ideal.