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For the Birds

Bird FeederBird Feeders

There are many different types of birds and each have their own special way of getting their food. Some are very specific – like the Gold Finch which prefer to use a Finch Sock with a specific type of seed.

We carry many types of feeders, like the Finch Sock, to accommodate the different needs of the birds that come to your yard.  You can find Rust-Proof Stainless Steel Feeders, many styles of Humming Bird Feeders, Blown Glass, Suet, Copper, Mesh, and Squirrel Proof Selective Feeders.  There are also a few classic models we carry like the Silo & Hut, Fort, Heavy Duty Tubular, and Table style Feeders.

For those that like to feed other wildlife we have in our area we have feeders and waterers made for squirrels and other smaller enjoyable critters.

With all of the different styles of feeders in our store you will be sure to find something that is pleasing to both you and the birds that take refuge in your yard.

Bird FoodBird Food

Once you’ve picked out your bird feeder you are going to need to put something in it to attract all of those beautiful birds and to encourage them to hang-out where you can enjoy them.

The section in our gift shop that is dedicated to the birds has a wide range of options, especially when it comes to what to put in the bird feeders.  We have Finch Food, Zero-Waste (shelled), Woodpecker Feed, Nuthatch Feed, Chickadee Feed, Nut N’ Berry, Suet, Seed Blocks, and more…  We also carry Seed Bins to keep your Bird Food in tip-top shape.

You’ve got quite a few options available to you and to make the right choice for the birds in your area be sure to pay attention to what types of birds you actually have around your house and which you want to encourage to stick around longer.

Bird BathBird Baths

What is more fun than watching the birds in your yard feast upon the food you have provided?  Watching them drink and splash around in your Birdbath of course!

There are many different styles available to you here at the Nursery.  You can find lovely stone & concrete baths, copper, ceramic, glass, glazed, and more…  There are many different styles, colors, and sizes.  And don’t forget that many fountains can double as birdbaths as long as the depth of the water isn’t too deep.

Access to drinkable and batheable water for birds is very important, especially in our hot and dry summers here in the valley.

Bird HouseBird Houses

To make your yard even more bird-friendly you may consider installing a Bird House. Some bird houses are made for specific types of birds and others can support a whole range of different bird species.

We have many different types and sizes of bird houses and accessories like our Rustic Bird Houses and protective bird plates that attach to the openings of the houses.

We carry other types of wildlife houses also – like Butterfly Houses & Bee Houses.