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Hanging Baskets

Color Bowls & Hanging Baskets

During the growing season you can expect to see Hanging Baskets hanging in almost every available spot inside and outside our greenhouse and Color Bowls lining the walkways.

We carry mixed baskets & bowls specially designed to take the sun and the shade.  We also carry hanging baskets of single plant varieties & colors: Bacopa, Bamboo Grass, Begonia, Black-Eyed Susan, Chenille, Cuphea, Fuchsia, Geranium, Impatiens, Ivy, Lobelia, Mandevilla, Petunia & Mini Petunia (Calibrachoa), Scaevola, Jasmine, and more…

Because of the popularity and desirability of certain hanging baskets we ask that if you are looking for a very specific type of hanging basket if you would please call ahead for availability.  We can also hold specific baskets for you up to 24 hours.

Tropicals & True Annuals

Tropicals & True Annuals

Many tropical plants (perennial in warmer climates) are treated as annuals in our area because of our harsh winters.  True annuals flower, seed, and die within one season.  We carry both types in our greenhouse and there is a huge selection to choose from.

We carry our tropicals and annuals in a variety of sizes to fit your needs.  From basket-stuffers, 4-packs, jumbo 6-packs, 4″, to 1 gallon & larger size pots.


Annual Grasses

Annual Grasses

The grasses we carry in our greenhouse are perfect for Color Bowls and, because our harsh winters, a season-long landscaping highlight.

The most sought-after would have to be the Purple Fountain Grass with it’s striking leaf coloration and gorgeous purple-red plumes. We typically carry that one into the fall because of its spectacular fall color.

Other grasses we carry at various times during the growing season include (but are certainly not limited to): Bamboo Grass,  Coolio Blue Hair Grass, Fiber Optic Grass, Amazon Mist Sedge, Pony Tails Feather Grass, Red Rooster Sedge, Bunny Tails(Hare’s Tail), Fireworks Fountain Grass & more…

Grasses are a very desirable plant and as such please call ahead if you are looking for a specific variety or a certain size and we will be happy to let you know what we currently have in stock.

Veggies & Herbs


Here at Greenhurst Nursery the edible home garden is a big deal.  We have an entire section of our greenhouse dedicated to the diverse & quality varieties we bring in. While it is arguable as to which category a tomato or an eggplant falls into, here at Greenhurst we put them into the ‘delicious’ category.

Depending on your preference we have organic and non-organic selections to choose from.  In the spring we carry some of our crops, like sweet potatoes, as bare-root.  Later in the season, if any remain, we transplant them all into pots and allow them to grow into nice sized plants perfect for your garden.  Our vegetables and herbs are found in various container sizes as single plants, packs, and assorted mixes for the adventurous sort.

We carry many different varieties of tomatoes, tomatillos, sweet and hot peppers, basil, rosemary, thyme, oregano, mint,  chives, parsley, sage, rue, sorrel, broccoli, lettuce, cabbage, artichokes and more…  Don’t be surprised if you find our potted strawberries in this area also.

Tropical Fruits

Tropical Fruits

Wouldn’t it be nice to walk over to your own orange tree and pluck off the perfect little fruit or to have your very own supply of lemons and limes for cooking?

The tropical citrus fruit trees are a plant that you will want to bring in during the colder months. Most will do well as patio plants in the warmer seasons.

We try to carry a small selection of lemons, limes, oranges, kumquats and sometimes other tropical citrus varieties as they become available to us.  Because of the smaller amount of these that we carry please give us a call to see what our current stock is.