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Sun Perennials

Sun Perennials

Our perennials are separated into two main sections: Sun & Shade.

Our summers are often hot and dry and you will need a plant that can take the baking hot sun on it’s foliage.  Our sunny perennials, once established, thrive in the heat of the summer. You can find ground cover, tall & short perennials,  and much more…

If you are looking for a plant that will attract hummingbirds and butterflies we have the varieties that will do the trick.  From Red-Hot Pokers to Penstemon to Lilies we’ve got you covered. There are even attractive plants for hummingbirds & butterflies in our shade perennial section.

Shade Perennials

Shade Perennials

Some of the perennials we put into this section will not tolerate our direct hot summer sun but in milder climates would perform quite well.  Please keep this in mind if you have moved here from an area that differs significantly in the average summer temperatures.

Sometimes landscaping for a shady area can be daunting. Many times it is thought that all you can get is great foliage and little flower but when you come down and check out what we’ve got available for your shady area you will see that there is a huge variety of beautiful flowering plants.  From ground cover, Astilbe, to Hosta there are beautiful flowers and foliage all around.



The vast majority of the roses we carry we bring in bare-root, in the spring, from prominent growers in the rose industry.  We in turn pot them up and take great care in making sure that they leaf-out healthy and remain so.

We have been known to carry over 500 varieties of roses – Tree Form, Hybrid Tea, Floribunda, Grandiflora, Ground Cover, Carpet, English, Shrub, Climbing, Miniature, and we also bring in a few Trial Roses each year.

You can come in at any point in the spring after they have arrived and purchase the rose of your choice. You also have the option of keeping the rose at Greenhurst under our watchful eye until the weather is prime for planting and to also make sure that the rose you chose has leafed-out correctly.

Throughout the season we will bring in new Carpet Roses but we generally will not bring in other types of roses – so once we are sold out of a particular rose we will be sold out for the rest of the year.  If you want a particular rose come in early in the season and pick it out before they are all gone!



We carry herbs inside and outside of our greenhouse but our larger container sized perennial herbs are generally going to be found outside in amongst our Sun Perennials.

We carry a diverse selection of culinary and fragrant herbs that include many types of Lavenders (including white-flowering varieties), Mints (including Catnip), Thymes, Oreganos, Sages and many more…

Some herbs, like Lavenders, can be used to great effect in water-saving Xeriscapes.

We are constantly on the lookout for the new and unique varieties so if there is something special you are looking for come down and check out what we’ve got or give us a call.

Ornamental Grasses

Ornamental Grass

With the incredibly diverse sizes, blade colorations, plumes & seed-heads it’s easy to see why Ornamental Grasses are fast becoming one of the most popular landscaping essentials.

If you need a delicate wispy grass – we’ve got it.  If you need a massive grass that you can use as a hedge – we’ve got it.  If you are looking for grasses with attractive plumes that will give your home serious curb appeal – we’ve got that too.

From green to blue to copper to horizontal and vertical stripes there is surely going to be something about our grasses that grabs your eye.  Not to mention that there are different sizes of grasses to fit every spot in your landscaping that may need something a little more interesting. We usually have a large selection of Sedge, Pampas, Feather Reed, Fescue, Rush, Miscanthus, Switch, Fountain Grass, and more…

Create a landscape with a real edge.



There are vines for all occasions and landscapes available here at the nursery.

If you need a small vine you will find a large selection of Clematis & other small vines to choose from. If you need a vine to cover a large unsightly wall you’ll find those here without trouble.  With our selection of Honeysuckle, Wisteria, Trumpet Vine, and Silver Lace Vine  your yard will also be hummingbird & butterfly friendly in no time.

Most of our vines are flowering vines but if you are not in the mood to deal with bees and wasps we also carry a few non-flowering varieties that are just as beautiful.

If you are looking for something in particular or if there is a specific project you have going, or want to start, that involves vines please give us a call and we can give you advice on how to go about it.

Water Plants

Water Plants

We keep about 5 dedicated Water Plant pools here at the nursery.  We try to carry not only the classic water plants like Water Lilies but also other less well-known and often more interesting varieties of pond plants like the Water Hawthorn with blooms that smell like vanilla.

Not all of the pond plants we carry are your traditional aquatic pond plants; we also carry Floaters & Marginals.  The floaters we typically have available are Water Hyacinth and Water Lettuce, which are great for water container gardens.  Our marginal water plants will thrive in areas around ponds, boggy areas, and even in a pot if watered regularly. These are generally the Water Iris, Reeds, Cannas, and others…  We usually also carry Trap Door Snails for your pond in this area. Please call for availability.  The fish in our ponds are not for sale, however.

When you purchase water plants  please be sure to take them straight home and set them in their new locations as quickly as possible to avoid any damage that can occur when pond plants are removed from water for long periods of time.