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How To Care For Your Living Christmas Tree

PDF - Download & Print Gardening Guides – Care for Your Living Christmas Tree (Download & Print)

A living Christmas tree is a gift to your personal environment that everyone can enjoy! By choosing a living Christmas tree over a ‘cut’ one, you have chosen to enhance life by adding beauty as well as making a vital contribution to ecology. To keep your tree green and beautiful through  the Holiday Season, it is important that it receives adequate air, light, moisture and a comfortable temperature. The requirements of a living Christmas tree indoors are much the same as those of an ordinary houseplant. The answers to the following frequently asked questions will help you in caring for your living Christmas Tree.

Where Should I Place The Tree Indoors?

Situate your tree in a well-lighted room, as opposed to a dark location where drapes remain drawn or natural light is inadequate.

What About Watering?

Keep the roots of the tree moist. If the tree is growing in a nursery container, this simplifies watering. Simply check for moisture every couple of days and water as necessary. A heavy plastic covering or saucer under the container will protect your floor or carpeting. Never allow the tree to remain standing in water but be careful that the plant doesn’t dry out between waterings.

Can I Decorate The Tree With Ornaments And Lights?

Certainly, miniature lights and lightweight ornaments are recommended. Many people decorate container-grown trees and display them on the porch or patio to as a festive Holiday Spirit to outdoor living areas or entryways, as well as using them for a focal point in living or family rooms.

How Long May I Keep The Tree Indoors?

Greenhurst Nursery recommends keeping you living tree inside for about one week, especially if your home is kept warm. It may stay inside a little longer if the room is quite cool. Avoid placing the tree close to a fireplace or heating outlet since excess warmth can damage a live tree as easily as a cut one.

Does The Tree Need Any Special Care After Christmas?

When your living Christmas tree has serves its purpose indoors, remove all decoration, take the tree outdoors and hose off its foliage with a fine mist spray. This will be helpful in the trees’ transition from indoor to outdoor living, whether it is planted in the landscape or grown in a container as a decorative accessory.

Can I Wait Until Spring To Plant The Tree Outdoors?

If you wait until spring to replant your tree permanently, set it in a protected location and carefully mulch the container to prevent alternate freezing and thawing of the roots. A live tree handled in this way needs to be watered at three to four week intervals throughout the winter months.

Ask A Pro…

If you’ve any further questions about the planting location, adaptability or care of your living Christmas tree, check with one of our staff. We can advise you as to any addition cultural requirements for our area.

PDF - Download & Print Gardening Guides – Care for Your Living Christmas Tree (Download & Print)