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The Pottery Barn

If you haven’t explored our Pottery Barn yet you’ve been missing out.  We offer a vast supply of sizes, shapes, colors, and materials for all of your pottery needs and preferences.  If you need a pot for transplanting or up-potting your favorite plant you can do it in style with our selection of gorgeous pottery.


Ceramic & Glazed PotsCeramic & Glazed Pots

Beautifully glazed pottery ranging from very small to large, in many different styles and shapes…

Clay PotsClay Pots & Saucers

Our clay pots & saucers come in all sorts of sizes and shapes. You’ll find something perfect for whichever style you are featuring.

Concrete PotsConcrete Containers

Our concrete pots will make a seriously strong statement for your curb appeal. Excellent choice for a range of looks.

Peat, Fiber, & Moss PotsPeat, Fiber, & Moss Pots

We have a diverse selection of Peat, Fiber, & Moss pots & Hanging Baskets. These types of pots are great for those who like the Earthy look.


Plastic Pots & SaucersPlastic Pots & Saucers

Plastic Pots come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and styles.  Many are made to look just like clay planters but because of the material they are made of weigh considerably less.  Plastic Pots can be an excellent choice.

Specialty ContainersSpecialty Containers

We carry quite a few specialty containers.  You can find pots specially made to conceal your garden hose, pots with multiple side pockets (openings), Eco-friendly planters, and more…